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    "ab": {
        "title": "Internationalization Editor",
        "search-title": "Translation search",
        "search-text": "You can search for translation files here.",
        "search-legend": "Аимдара",
        "search-button": "Аимдара",
        "picker-add": "Add new language",
        "picker-text": "Pick a language you want to fix the translation for or add a new language. Highlighted items mean that the translation for that language exists.",
        "editor-table-code": "Code",
        "editor-table-description": "Description",
        "editor-table-english": "Англыз бызшәа",
        "editor-table-translation": "Аиҭага",
        "editor-save": "Save translations",
        "add-new-message": "Add new message",
        "add-language": "Add language",
        "add-new-language": "Add new language",
        "edit-language": "Edit language",
        "edit-metadata": "Edit metadata",
        "edit-qqq": "Edit message descriptions",
        "filter": "Filter: ",
        "message-code": "Enter message code",
        "message-qqq": "Enter message description",
        "warning-en": "WARNING: You're editing the English translation of this script, which may impact other languages.",
        "warning-qqq": "WARNING: You're editing the description messages which will be displayed for everyone which is editing the translations for this script.",
        "warning-metadata": "WARNING: You're editing the metadata of this script, which will directly impact how the internationalization editor behaves.",
        "json-error": "There's an error in your JSON. Please revise it and try again.",
        "language-popover": "Split your languages with \"|\" to have multiple filters",
        "remove-translations-prompt": "Remove all translations for changed messages?",
        "close": "Close",
        "metadata-editor-text": "Pick a message in the dropdown to make the internationalization editor not show it as translatable.",
        "save-metadata": "Save metadata",
        "metadata-title": "$1 - Metadata",
        "title-picker": "$1 | Picking a language",
        "title-editor": "Translating $1 to $2",
        "title-search": "Selecting a script",
        "title-metadata": "Editing metadata for $1",
        "success": "Page successfully updated!",
        "error": "Failed while posting edit",
        "add-message": "Add message"