Алахәыла ахцәажәара:Giorgi Balakhadze: различия между версиями

Метки: правка с мобильного устройства правка из мобильной версии
So I don't understand your words "as it was said by previous editor in description, that section is offensive and written in inappropriate wording.", please explain more detailed, which previous editor and what is offensive and written in inappropriate wording for you?--[[Алахәыла:Surprizi|Surprizi]] ([[Алахәыла ахцәажәара:Surprizi|обсуждение]]) 11:31, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
::: I mean this revert [https://ab.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Алахәыла_ахцәажәара:Giorgi_Balakhadze&type=revision&diff=99189&oldid=47165], I agree with the user's opinion.--[[Алахәыла:Giorgi Balakhadze|Giorgi Balakhadze]] ([[Алахәыла ахцәажәара:Giorgi Balakhadze|обсуждение]]) 13:08, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)
::::Now I understand what you mean! Now I am messiging from mobile and would you mind please help me and check country location of that three unregistred users who are trying to remove information from your page?-[[Алахәыла:Surprizi|Surprizi]] ([[Алахәыла ахцәажәара:Surprizi|обсуждение]]) 15:48, 30 ҧхынгәы 2020 (UTC)